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December 15, 2018


I will be closing shop 12/17/18-12/29/18.  No orders will be filled during this time.
October 29, 2018


Lots of changes going on at Spiritwind Farm.  First of all, I sold my two beautiful English Shire horses, Lucy and Abby.  I have had health issues that prevented me from caring for the girls as they needed.  They have lymphedema witch needs constant attention and care.  Lifting those legs to do this was next to impossible for me ( I had shoulder replacement surgery in March).  I found a very good home for them though.  Marie-Helene and Eric of Quebec bought the girls and have fallen in love with them.  They have green pastures, and other Shire horses for them to hang out with.  Shires are endangered and Marie-Helene and Eric plan on breeding them.  I will be visiting them soon. I am not selling the farm, I am leasing with option to own to a couple, Josh and Bianca Cothen, who have lots of organic farming experience as […]
February 13, 2018

Felted Goat Milk Soap

These are unique, original and one of a kind, therefore once each one is sold there are no others like it. Who knew sheep and goats could work together! Kathy Ossinger of Spiritwind Farm hand crafts her soap with milk from her goats; Jan Winsor of Four Winds Farm felts wool from her sheep onto Kathy’s soap for a fun and unique soap in it’s own washcloth. Just wet the wool and lather up! When the soap is gone, use the fragrant wool that’s left as a sachet or as a scrubbie. Ingredients: Goat milk, Olive oil, Palm kernel oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sunflower oil, Sweet almond oil, plus essential oils for fragrance. Soap is wrapped and felted in 100% wool. You may have noticed that I have a lot of “out of stock” soaps. Don’t worry, they are curing and will soon be available for purchase. […]
February 13, 2018


I’ve been going through changes, physically and mentally. I have Osteoarthritis and I need my shoulders replaced. I will have the first surgery March 2nd. I’m not looking forward to it, but it must be done. I can’t continue to do all this heavy work, it’s wrecking havoc with my body. So..I have some great Noble high school ers who need to earn community hours come here and help do the heavy lifting chores. They have been great. I also have a few volunteers to help do stalls. I will also have Wwoofers ( and Hippohelp ( people to live here for a while and help with chores and get free room and board plus learn new farm skills and have fun with animals. I have put my horses up for sale. This is the saddest thing, I have had them since they were babies. But I am not using […]
June 30, 2014

Lots of “Kidding” at the Farm!

Summer begins at Spiritwind Farm with 5 new kids and more on the way! Two of our Nigerian goats have given birth to healthy kids. See pictures below, and more on our Facebook page and updates on the website, “
March 20, 2014

“If You Build It, They Will Come”

The famous phrase from “Field of Dreams” speaks to what happens when you have dreams and believe in what you are doing. Farmers are all about faith. Faith in nature, faith in yourself, faith in the fruition of hard work, followed by a cold beer after a hard day’s work. But I digress. Thank you to the following for contributing to our first Indiegogo attempt: Ken Frank, LRae York, Kim Mossbrook, Erik Streeter, Prish Moran, and Arin Quintel. Your reward has been mailed. Hope you enjoy. We did not meet our goal, but we learned. And learning is worth its weight in gold. The future looks good for us. We have attended one of the first local farmers’ markets of the year, a new one at the Town Hall in Berwick, ME. It has been a huge success. The people are coming, to get out of the cold, and, to […]
December 16, 2013

Help Us Get Funded

Time goes by way too fast. Farming doesn’t end after the harvest. For us, it’s getting ready for the holidays and sleigh rides. We hope you all have a great holiday season and new year. Times are tough for us all, and we’ve created an Indiegogo campaign and sure hope you’ll take a moment out of your busy day, to check it out. We are really depending on the small contributions, and if you would like to browse our campaign we sure would appreciate it!. Just log onto and type in “A Farm for the Future”. You can read about what we are trying to do here, and hoping you can help. It’s a great way to really do something for the good of the world, by helping small farmers grow and prosper. When you help us, we help you, by providing good healthy food, recreation, and to preserve […]
September 8, 2013

Reaping the Harvest

August was very fruitful indeed as Mother Nature blessed us with the most wonderful tasting fresh organically grown peaches and blueberries. We made peach and blueberry jam and delicious sweet and spicy salsa. Yum! Mother Nature also finished picking the peaches off the peach tree while we were sleeping. It seems the raccoons were well fed as well. Nature takes care of all, equally. The wedding of Jake and Sarah was the high point of August. What a wonderful wedding for a wonderful couple in a wonderful setting on an equally wonderful day. We feel blessed and congratulate the bride and groom! We were blessed as well by some great Farm Stay people who wanted to learn a lot about farming. The trend seems to be a renewed interest in helping small family farms stay afloat in an extremely difficult economic environment, and many people are growing their own food, […]
August 8, 2013

Dog Days and Farm Stays

Well we had our first outdoor wedding on July 6th. Although the weather was hot and steamy, It was a great success, with everything going smoothly and everyone had a great time. Our greatest success story has been with our Farm Stays. As an alternative to staying in a hotel, people LOVE it! One person came who enjoyed the pool and an early evening at our outdoor fireplace looking at all the fireflies. A couple came who really loved the horses, and some folks from New York who are part of Farm to People. You may read their positive reviews on our Farm Stay page. There will be a link on our website. One of our challenges this summer has been keeping the pigs in their pen. They have a lot of ground, but they destroy everything in their path, so we really need to get the fences repaired and […]


  • - Briana, February 2017

    The farm is absolutely lovely. Such a treat to mingle with goats and chickens and friendly dogs after a horse-drawn sleigh ride and a great night's sleep. The homemade breakfast was an extra nice touch!

    - Briana, February 2017
  • - Linda, November 2016

    Kathy made us feel right at home. Three baby goats were just born or were in the process upon our arrival. The next morning Kathy made us a quaint breakfast and coffee and showed us the new little kids in the barn before we departed. We had a quite stay and we're treated most hospitably.

    - Linda, November 2016
  • - Michele, October 2016

    The stay at Spirit Wind farm was wonderful! Kathy was super hospitable, showing us around all the farm and the animals. She even let my son up close with the baby goats that were adorable for hours! We loved it and want to go back again. She is very down to earth, being friendly and kind. She is great with kids, teaching my son all about farming and the animals. she made us breakfast in the morning with her fresh eggs, goats milk and cheese. We picked squashes and vegetables in the garden and took a nice stroll around. She has 2 nice dogs (allergies beware if you are allergic) who are very welcoming as well. Overall wonderful stay and I look forward to going back! Ps--she also makes lovely soaps and creams from the goats milk--gotta try it! So nice:)

    - Michele, October 2016
  • - Clint, September 2016

    We had a very short stay with Kathy, but it was really great. She made us a yummy breakfast in the morning and then we went and hung out with the animals. Our daughter really loved the baby goats. So did we! It was a really fun place to stop at.

    - Clint, September 2016
  • - Farra, August 2016

    This was my best Airbnb stay to date. I can't say enough about the beauty of this farm and Kathy's generosity! From the moment we arrived she made us feel at home. The property is tidy and simple and has a very warm feeling about it, due in great part to the wonderful animals in residence-- two friendly dogs, two gentle draft horses, a bunch of adorable goats, and a scattering of free roaming chickens. Kathy made us a giant breakfast that included homemade muffins with blueberries fresh picked at a neighboring farm (where she later took us to pick our own and to learn about maple syrup production). She also invited me to help with the farm chores, which included feeding and milking the goats. Finally, before departing I bought some of the goats milk soaps and creams she makes and it's all really lovely to use. Staying at Spiritwind Farm was a fantastic experience and I'll definitely do it again.

    - Farra, August 2016
  • - Kathryn, July 2016

    Kathy was an extremely friendly host. She even made us blueberry cobbler on our first night! The food was delicious, the animals adorable.

    - Kathryn, July 2016
  • - Jordan, July 2016

    My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time on Kathy's farm! It was a beautiful escape from the city - the room was quiet and private, the pool was so relaxing and the animals were such a treat and so friendly! Kathy was an exceptional host, we look forward to coming back this fall!

    - Jordan, July 2016
  • - Holly, July 2016

    Our family had a really fantastic time at Kathy's. It was a highlight of our Maine vacation. We felt very at ease and welcomed. We were in the pool every day. The house is beautiful and clean. And baby goats are the cutest and loviest! Highly recommended.

    - Holly, July 2016
  • - Richard, July 2016

    Spiritwind Farm and Kathy are a treasure. Her accommodations are clean and comfortable. She takes as good care of her guests as she does of her magnificent horses, dogs, cats, goats and poultry. Great seafood nearby. A delightful stay. We will happily return!

    - Richard, July 2016
  • - Shelley, July 2016

    Kathy was very welcoming and the farm is beautiful and a bit remote. Lots of goats! A few horses, dogs and some pretty brown chickens. Definitely check out the barn with Kathy and view from the hayloft. The AC is good, Kathy is ready to give suggestions or help with whatever you need and we had a really nice time. She even made us a delicious breakfast with vegetarian omelets, homemade strawberry rhubarb jam and toast and bacon. Such a great surprise. thank you so much Kathy!!

    - Shelley, July 2016
  • - Adam, Marzena, Mati and Dalia, July 2016

    Kathy made us feel at home right away...but of course we were still on vacation! This is the best sort of feeling to have on a holiday getaway. We were in a quiet environment with lots of attractions for us and the kids. The farm animals were interesting and fun for all of us and the natural surroundings (field and forest) offered a sense of beauty. The swimming pool was great for our son--it was a nice bonus. Our room was big enough for us and the bathroom was very nice. Having our own entrance and section of the house was an additional option. We were able to have nice breakfasts with Kathy on the mornings and get to know her and her farm. The farm workers also interacted with us and the kids and provided more insight on the farm and the area. Travelling to Wells beach or Ogunquit was easy and Kathy gave us advice on routes and times. We were allowed to park two cars where we wanted and come and have access to the whole house and grounds whenever we wanted. Overall, this was a wonderful vacation for us and the kids. We'd like to plan a return trip in the years to come!

    - Adam, Marzena, Mati and Dalia, July 2016
  • - William, July 2016

    It is hard to find the right words to describe how amazing and wonderful our entire stay was at Kathy's home. As a host and as a person, Kathy was so sweet and so attentive to our needs. She was very open to introducing her animals to us as well. My wife and I enjoyed petting the goats and watching Kathy masterfully milk the animals. This was such a unique experience beyond any regular hotel stay. The location was far away enough from Boston MA, but not that far (less than 2 hrs) so that we were able to be home the next day. It was also close to many other Maine cities that had amazing food. Kathy even made us a home made breakfast in the morning; and as a gift, she gave my wife and I two bars of soap that she makes and sells at farmer's markets. Kathy and her farm is an amazing experience that everyone should be so fortunate to do. The value of the stay and what you feel overall is a no brainer.

    Kathy, thank you so much for inviting Ivy and me into your lovely home. You and your home are amazing and we plan to return. You were so kind to us, and really appreciated your time.

    If/When you visit Kathy's farm, be sure to make a stop at Ogunquit Maine. They have so much good food there!

    - William, July 2016
  • - Ryan, June 2016

    We spent a short time at Spiritwind Farm with our two children. It's a quiet, paced environment and Kathy was down to earth and hospitable. We purposefully chose a farm that was small scale with the opportunity to engage with the animals, and this was the perfect environment for it. We were able to spend as much time interacting with the goats as we liked, which our kids certainly enjoyed. This is not the place to visit for people who would like to be entertained or continuously engaged; however, for people like us who are seeking a place to relax, it worked well. With children, the presence of a pool was a plus, and there is plenty of area for outdoor activities.

    - Ryan, June 2016
  • - Deborah, June 2016

    We loved our stay at Spiritwind Farm and Kathy was wonderful! My friends and I were traveling the coast and booked at the last minute. Kathy responded quickly and was very accommodating. The house is a lovely older farm house and very comfy. Playing with the animals on the farm was an extra surprise bonus....along with a great breakfast in the am!! We hope to visit again! Thanks again Kathy!!

    - Deborah, June 2016
  • - Jinny, May 2016

    Kathy was very warm, accommodating and laid-back. She runs a great place and loves showing off her animals and handmade products. She was making some goat cheese, but it wasn't ready for consumption until the day after we left, which was disappointing, but a good reason to go back in the summer when the farm is bustling with activity. We got the whole upstairs to ourselves with a private bathroom so we felt more comfortable and felt like we had our own space even though we didn't rent the entire house. She had Netflix and was always up for conversation. She prepares a yummy breakfast and makes you feel right at home. We'll be back for sure!

    - Jinny, May 2016
  • - Mason, October 2015

    Kathy was an excellent host and we had a great time at Spiritwind Farm! Really enjoyed getting to meet all of the animals - the goats were so much fun to hang with. Kathy made us a really nice breakfast and makes the best goat milk soap. We hope to stay here again next year.

    - Mason, October 2015
  • - Brad, September 2015

    We booked this stay last minute and Kathy was incredibly accomodating. We had a wonderful private bedroom and bath awaiting us and hearty breakfast in the morning. Kathy was so nice to spend time with us explaining and showing us what she does on her farm. My wife and I had always wanted to do a farmstay and just happened into this with Spiritwind Farm. It was an added bonus to meet Rue, the goats, chickens and Shire horses. What a beautiful place.

    - Brad, September 2015
  • - Eric, September 2015

    Spiritwind Farm was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Kathy maintains a fantastic getaway / farmstay that was perfect for our long weekend traveling around southern Maine. The setting and the house are gorgeous, and to have a handful of fun and majestic animals to engage with was a real treat - for us adults, and our 2 year old who couldn't get enough. Kathy is a total sweetheart, the accommodations are great, her breakfasts are delicious, and her handmade soaps are just awesome. We can't recommend Spiritwind Farm enough.

    - Eric, September 2015
  • - Cindy, July 2015

    I would recommend a stay at Spiritwind Farm to anyone looking for a relaxed stay in the country. We spent a weekend at the farm to attend a nearby event and Kathy made us feel welcome and at home right away. She showed us around the farm; her animals include chickens and goats and a dog named Rue and two Shire horses. Breakfast was great and our room was lovely. I would stay here again.

    - Cindy, July 2015
  • - Kurt, July 2015

    Kathy's home was just what we were looking for. A quiet,clean, and convenient place to call home for several days. If you are in need of a place to stay in the Sanford,Acton,Lebanon, or Somersworth area we recommend it over any of the commercial overnight stay businesses. No problems ,met

    or exceeded all expectations.

    - Kurt, July 2015
  • - Kiri, August 2015

    GREAT stay here last weekend. Kathy was very friendly and made sure we were comfortable, made us an amazing breakfast both mornings. The farm itself was very cool, I think there was also a lot more we could have done if we had more time too. I would absolutely stay here again next time were in the area!

    - Kiri, August 2015
  • - Jim, September 2016

    Cozy farmhouse with friendly pets, great breakfast made almost entirely from home-grown (or neighbor-grown) ingredients, and great conversation.

    - Jim, September 2016
  • - Brian, February 2017

    Kathy is a great host. We stayed one night on her farm. She has two dogs, goats, chickens, and horses. We went on a sleigh ride through the snow drawn by the two shire horses, milked goats, and ate a great breakfast cooked by Kathy. Kathy and the other people who stopped by the farm were very warm and welcoming. I would definitely recommend it as a unique getaway.

    - Brian, February 2017
  • - Cynthia, May 2017

    Absolutely charming farm with the sweetest animals and welcoming host. She even made breakfast for us with fresh goats milk.

    - Cynthia, May 2017
  • - Suncica, May 2017

    Kathy is 100% the best host you will ever have! She is very genuine and friendly. Her house is clean and organized. She prepared a delicious breakfast for us and really treated us like her family. It's really incredible to see how much love and work she puts into her farm - she's our super woman! My 6 girlfriends and I will cherish this experience for a very long time. :)

    - Suncica, May 2017