December 15, 2018


I will be closing shop 12/17/18-12/29/18.  No orders will be filled during this time.
October 29, 2018


Lots of changes going on at Spiritwind Farm.  First of all, I sold my two beautiful English Shire horses, Lucy and Abby.  I have had health issues that prevented me from caring for the girls as they needed.  They have lymphedema witch needs constant attention and care.  Lifting those legs to do this was next to impossible for me ( I had shoulder replacement surgery in March).  I found a very good home for them though.  Marie-Helene and Eric of Quebec bought the girls and have fallen in love with them.  They have green pastures, and other Shire horses for them to hang out with.  Shires are endangered and Marie-Helene and Eric plan on breeding them.  I will be visiting them soon. I am not selling the farm, I am leasing with option to own to a couple, Josh and Bianca Cothen, who have lots of organic farming experience as […]
June 30, 2014

Lots of “Kidding” at the Farm!

Summer begins at Spiritwind Farm with 5 new kids and more on the way! Two of our Nigerian goats have given birth to healthy kids. See pictures below, and more on our Facebook page and updates on the website, “
March 20, 2014

“If You Build It, They Will Come”

The famous phrase from “Field of Dreams” speaks to what happens when you have dreams and believe in what you are doing. Farmers are all about faith. Faith in nature, faith in yourself, faith in the fruition of hard work, followed by a cold beer after a hard day’s work. But I digress. Thank you to the following for contributing to our first Indiegogo attempt: Ken Frank, LRae York, Kim Mossbrook, Erik Streeter, Prish Moran, and Arin Quintel. Your reward has been mailed. Hope you enjoy. We did not meet our goal, but we learned. And learning is worth its weight in gold. The future looks good for us. We have attended one of the first local farmers’ markets of the year, a new one at the Town Hall in Berwick, ME. It has been a huge success. The people are coming, to get out of the cold, and, to […]