“If You Build It, They Will Come”

"If You Build It, They Will Come"

The famous phrase from "Field of Dreams" speaks to what happens when you have dreams and believe in what you are doing. Farmers are all about faith. Faith in nature, faith in yourself, faith in the fruition of hard work, followed by a cold beer after a hard day's work. But I digress.

Thank you to the following for contributing to our first Indiegogo attempt: Ken Frank, LRae York, Kim Mossbrook, Erik Streeter, Prish Moran, and Arin Quintel. Your reward has been mailed. Hope you enjoy. We did not meet our goal, but we learned. And learning is worth its weight in gold.

The future looks good for us. We have attended one of the first local farmers' markets of the year, a new one at the Town Hall in Berwick, ME. It has been a huge success. The people are coming, to get out of the cold, and, to spend their hard earned money. Farmers will do well, especially those of us who grow organically, pesticide and GMO-free. Talking with folks has given us a good picture of the trends: people are not so willing to spend their hard earned money on "junk". And why would you? Sure, organic may cost a little more (not as much more as you'd think), but it is so much more healthy for you.

It's been a very long and very cold winter. And it's not over yet. Seeds are being started and plans are being made. Big plans. We will be creating the creamery, and more. The space for the creamery will also serve as the farm store this summer. I will be building an off the grid studio/live-in. Spaces for volunteers to come and stay could include yurts, teepees, and more. Plans for a new water well for water access. We will have a classroom. Somehow, all of these things will come together, and we want you to come!!

New product!! Felted soaps! A cooperative collaboration between goats and sheep, and Spiritwind Farm and Four Winds Farm (www.fourwindsfarmmaine.com). Check us both out on the web.

The website is being updated to show the new products and make it easier to shop. Stay tuned, stick with us, and come for a visit. Serious volunteers needed! We treat our volunteers very well, and you won't go hungry. Please check out the website, call us at 207-457-3001, or email: spiritwindfarm@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!!