Reaping the Harvest

Reaping the Harvest

August was very fruitful indeed as Mother Nature blessed us with the most wonderful tasting fresh organically grown peaches and blueberries. We made peach and blueberry jam and delicious sweet and spicy salsa. Yum! Mother Nature also finished picking the peaches off the peach tree while we were sleeping. It seems the raccoons were well fed as well. Nature takes care of all, equally.

The wedding of Jake and Sarah was the high point of August. What a wonderful wedding for a wonderful couple in a wonderful setting on an equally wonderful day. We feel blessed and congratulate the bride and groom! We were blessed as well by some great Farm Stay people who wanted to learn a lot about farming. The trend seems to be a renewed interest in helping small family farms stay afloat in an extremely difficult economic environment, and many people are growing their own food, due to rising food prices and increased concerns about nutrition. We can teach a lot about how to grow without pesticides and how to preserve, as well as making goat milk cheese and soap. See our reviews and more info about Farm Stays at, and select "Spiritwind Farm", Lebanon, ME.

As we move into fall we are planning hayrides for the end of September and through October. Bring the kids for a hayride driven by our English Shire horses, Lucy and Abby! We have a nice trail, and the kids can run into the pumpkin patch to select their own pumpkin, we will be serving apple cider and cookies, and the kids can see the animals (the goats and pigs and chickens). If it's a cool day, we will have an outdoor fire in our outdoor fireplace to warm up. For pricing call 207-457-3001.

For Sale: a beautiful registered Nubian buck and two pigs. Call for more information 207-457-3001. Also, we are looking for a person (or persons) who would like to learn to drive our horse team. After training, there will be an opportunity for a part time income when we do sleigh rides. Let's hope for lots of snow and sleigh rides happening every weekend! We have a great time, get to meet nice folks, and have hot chocolate and s'mores at our outdoor fireplace after the sleigh ride.

We've been busy getting the wood in for the winter and making goat cheese, and finishing harvest as well as fall pruning. Check out our website for ordering goat soaps and lotions and for photos and videos: A final note: The new hens have started laying! Soon we will be selling eggs at only $3/doz. Stop by the farm to get your fresh free-range hen eggs. In addition to working our way to non-profit status, we are asking for hay and feed donations. If you would like to donate, please go to and click on our "Donate" button. The help is appreciated, and you can help keep small farms alive.

As always, thank you to our friends, neighbors, customers, fellow farmers and volunteers. May we all continue to help one another by supporting and buying local! Blessings to all.